Context of research

This art-based research work concentrates on subcultural groups and their strategies, methods and techniques to form identity through different art forms (graffiti, street art, installations, sculptures,performances etc.). The protagonists work in different fields such as: urban intervention, fine arts, performing arts, body art, street art etc… These subcultural protagonists are an important factor of the particular art scene in the specific country.

The massive outburst of cultural and artistic implementation of subcultural tendencies in the corporate world, and what we experienced in the so called „creative industries“, is a socio-economic factor to come in these specific countries in Latin America. The analyzed and documtented groups in South- and Middle America have been seen to become increasingly important to economic well-being, proponents suggesting that human creativity, and especially subcultural tendencies are the ultimate economic resource and that the industries of the twenty-first century will depend increasingly on the generation of knowledge, art, culture, through creativity and innovation. It is proven that these protagonists provide a key input to creative production which enterprises seek out.

The necessity of creativity in non-first-world countries brings with it the potential of new wealth, economic and social creation, the cultivation of local talent in opposition of globalized mainstream images, and the generation of creative and symbolic capital, the development of new artists and cultural workers. The key driver of interest is the acknowledgment that the value of cultural and artistic strategies resides in ideas and individual creativity, and especially developing countries have rich cultural traditions and pools of creative talent which lay a basic foundation for the improvement of their social surroundings.

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