How to analyse the movie

Analysis of the movie. How to analyze a movie? It is advisable to give the algorithm or to paint the points.

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For my part, I can only recommend to analyse on the basis of the tool a priori (intuitive) logic, because not every picture is generally amenable to mental analysis.

To begin will derive for themselves the criteria by which You will be able to determine the value and significance of works in the cinematic world, and the world in General.

Next apply to the contents of the picture, not the story content, not to the main idea, and the degree of saturation and fullness of the film in the literal sense of the word – sincerity, truth, truth. Ie, how the picture corresponds to the concept of real fact – how could it happen, if it were happening in our lives.

And, third, the definition of „limbs“ or „infinity“ of the film. Any true work of cinematic art gives us invisibly to feel that there is something more than currently fixed in the frame, and it’s bigger and has to have some secret, mystical influence, as in the realization of the extreme importance of this, the viewer thus becomes a push for independent search for truth, search for truth. (It turns out that the film is actually able to positively affect the fate and destinies of the audience, in the event of contact)

Here, approximately so, I analyze the films.


Don’t be surprised if You will find 98% of today’s cinema incompetent – this is the case. I have long understood that works of art appear quite rare, and highly dosed.

You probably already know names like Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman, but all the same I will advise you to start trying to analyze their paintings – it will be very difficult, but very interesting.

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Usually I analyze the film on the following items:

  1. similar moments where I have seen it and know how this will end,
  2. the performance of the actors, sometimes famous actors are worse than re-invited
  3. the plot-if it is interesting, novel and addictive, the film for anyone – the masterpiece
  4. the operator’s work and the vision of the Director, I really like Eastern masters who choose these angles, landscapes that take your breath away
  5. finally, what remains in the heart after watching the film. Not emptiness, fear and frustration. And some wisdom. the revelation, the desire to live to go to act. After the film „One day“ I finally explained after six months of throwing girl… and may we remain friends… this life experience.. and experience transmitted to me the film will remain in my heart.

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